They all fueled to our curiosity. We decided to think about overhauling our food routine entirely and trying to go local all at once and connect to the end user by providing more local food, specialty items, and tap opportunities in nutrition.  It all happened when we involved more often in our local food scene and grown eating local stuff relishing nutrient-dense, flavorful, and taste full all along, not to mention supporting our local farmers who pride themselves on the quality of their product.

We are probably one in those few who realized the benefits first when we choose to cook with seasonal veggies and enjoy the sweetness of fruits that the nature created suitable to people’s wellbeing and capability to sustain against the odds prevalent in that particular season.

We are one who believed community-supported agriculture [CSA], a system that is mutually beneficial for the farmer and consumer as the consumer supports the harvest of a farm or group of farms in return for fresh, local produce. Joining a CSA is a great way to understand the holiness of our ancient farming from where our food is coming.

We went a step closer to understanding from how our plant food is being grown, what are the useful parts / ingredients of the plants, how is the conversion process into eatables and further value addition in terms of actual nutrition to the body. By getting closer to the source of the above information, we found even more delight in integrating and doing something great to the humanity by producing some great functional NUTRIEATS.

With all of these tips and action steps, We, a team of experienced food processing professionals with a background of vast journey in multifunctional food & nutrition innovated into manufacturing of convenient ethnic snack foods and natural juices that helps to support some of the niche functions of the body and referred in quite a number of ancient books which can make better choices



INDIGENE FOODS AND BEVERAGES PVT LTD is an Indian Food Processing company specialized in manufacturing ethnic/ traditional functional food supplements and beverages for worldwide distribution to cater respective consumers who crave for good health through natural food that includes functional snack foods made out of fruits, leaves, nuts and millets grown in organically cultivated lands, ethnic juices abstracted from the vegetables and fruits that has abundant health benefits, other nutritional products that will have low caloric, high fat & protein ingredients sourced from the best farms through excellent production methods. 



With the application of knowledge garnered through the evolutionary quest and advances in scientific research and technology, several strategies to try innovations were developed. One such tool to balance the nutritional requirement is supplements. These are man-made, organic or inorganic, solid, liquid or powdered products that are meant to overcome deficiencies of essential substances in the body which INDIGENE committed to manufacture and distribute in targeted markets.



Food is medicine, nourishing our bodies and souls. Every bite is a new opportunity to feel healthier and happier.

Nutrition is what humans wish to obtain whenever they consume food, so that their necessary optimum growth and development is maintained. Although it is believed that eating is an act necessary for survival of an individual, or for that matter all living creatures, the prime motive has somehow become hidden and has been gradually forgotten. Food has started to serve multiple purposes; from celebrating achievements to mourning over losses, food always finds a position irrespective of the occasion. Not just limited to this, eatables are even used to manage emotional distress or to elevate mood. As a consequence to this drift from the expectation from the food, the primary aim of providing nutrition is not fulfilled in most instances. Thus, myriad of health issues make their way, and the body eventually becomes deficient of essential nutrients.



FOOD & NUTRITION is the foundation MANTRA of Health for people... and the planet!

We live in a toxic food culture. The modern diet is sometimes the leading risk factor for health disorders. We’re running out of water, running out of topsoil, and destabilizing our climate.

But the truth is, we all realized this and WE can be part of the solution. When we make the right food choices, we can say NO to disease, and we can say YES to a healthy life and a healthy planet.

So how do we make the best choices for our self, the people we love, and our planet?

We created the NUTRITION CLUB with people pursuing careers & lifestyles, focused on farming, wellness, and food manufacturing to band together, share knowledge and engage in activities that encourage senior citizens, middle aged, youngsters, women and children to make healthier food choices, to exercise more and stress less.

Are you ready to get inspired to harness the incredible power of food? Are you ready for life-enhancing, health-boosting, world-changing wisdom?

Connect to nutritionclub@indigene.org